The Tale​​​​​​​
There lived once upon a time a wicked prince whose heart and mind were set upon conquering all the countries of the world, and on frightening the people. 
 He erected magnificent palaces, churches, and halls, and all who saw these splendid buildings and great treasures exclaimed admiringly: “What a mighty prince!” But they did not know what endless misery he had brought upon other countries, nor did they hear the sighs and lamentations which rose up from the débris of the destroyed cities.
When, in his unending quench for gold and power, he wanted his statue to stand in the church, he got reminded by priests: “Prince, you are mighty indeed, but God’s power is much greater than yours; we dare not obey your orders.”
“Well,” said the prince. “Then I will conquer God too.”  
About The Creation
Using the historical Boekenbergpark as a background, it's easy to see where inspiration can come from. Combining this tale from the wicked and vein prince with this location that also contains a lot of fake facades, it was a perfect combination.
Talent: Julian De Backer
Assistants: Ymke Dirkx
Location: Boekenbergpark, Antwerpen
Costumes: Huis Baeyens
Camera: Hasselblad X1D II 50C
Lights: Profoto B1, B2
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