The Tale​​​​​​​
A tale of beauty, a beast and a single enchanted rose. Warm light shining in the cold night, with darkness showing in a familiar visage. 
About The Creation
Beauty and the Beast is one of those iconic stories, not only because of the animated classic, but also one of those fairytales that sticks with you.
For my graphic representation I didn't want a dark brooding monster with a mask, but I chose to represent the creature as a beautiful large stallion, almost hidden in the shadows. In the framing, Beauty has to choose between the light and darkness.
Talent: Nele Bellings, Kazan
MUA: Sarina Mannaert 
Horse Wrangler: Miriam Callens
Location: Den Botaniek, Antwerp
Costumes: Huis Baeyens
Camera: Hasselblad X1D-50C
Lights: Profoto B1, B2
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