The Tale
On the last night of Obon Matsuri, the Japanese remember the ones they lost by placing lanterns on the water. This light guides those who came before to the spirit life.
Is this someone who is guiding the light, or is she being guided by it? 
About The Creation
For this piece we surrounded our talent with over 130 floating, light and mist in the Japanese Garden in Hasselt. 
Shooting in-between rainstorms on the exact moment blue hour happened, it was an exciting execution of a vision that has been in my mind from the moment I first witnessed Obon Matsuri. 
Talent: Marceline Eydens
MUA: Ine Bongaerts 
Location: Japanse Tuin, Hasselt
Producer: An De Cleyn 
Production Crew: Manon Heuts, Ymke Dirikx, Frederik Zutterman, Sam Ponette, Anja Hermans, Robin Senica, Marlies Keijzer, Ingrid Deckers, Peter Claeskens, Véronique Daenen, Sara Davidson
Behind The Scenes Video: Timo Vandiest, Thiago Struys, Frederik Zutterman, An De Cleyn
Camera: Hasselblad X1D-50C
Lights: Profoto B1, B2, Nikon SB-700
Behind The Scenes Video
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